Nicola Freiberg
Lactation Consultant

Clinical Midwife, Registered Nurse and IBCLC

Outback Lactation Consultant
and Breastfeeding Support

Offering face to face, telephone and video conferencing certified breastfeeding support and advice anywhere in QLD.

Are you breastfeeding or currently pregnant and planning to breastfeed?
Do you need or think you may need some one on one breastfeeding support?
Have you ever had a breastfeeding question or needed immediate lactation support or assessment?
Living rurally shouldn’t make you disadvantaged to this essential service.

I am an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), working with newborns and beyond. I offer compassionate, evidence based, lactation assessments and breastfeeding support. These appointments can either be in the home, on telephone or via video conferencing. It would be a privilege to be involved in your breastfeeding journey. 

“It’s a mother’s right to breastfeed her baby and be supported while doing so.”

Nicola Freiberg outback lactation consultant
I can't recommend Nicola enough. I've been in touch with her for all three of my children.
Danielle F
Nicola has been so important in my breastfeeding journey as my son kept throwing us curveballs along the way. She is patient and takes time to explain processes and give support when needed. Definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding.
Olivia T.
Nicola was fast responding to book in an appointment to see us and was available to help us when needed. Highly recommend her service to anyone who needs a little extra guidance and support to feel comfortable and confident.
Bec J.
Such a great service for all mums in the district! Nicola is super fast responding and will travel for appointments. After a very good and easy breastfeeding experience with our first child I needed some advice with out second and Nicola was there to help,
Marah L.
As a mum, nurse and midwife, I highly recommend Nicola's lactation consultancy services. I contacted Nicola 16 months into my breastfeeding journey and she visited my baby and I at home just a couple of hours later. The care she provided us at home including follow up, meant we avoided an unnecessary presentation to the GP or emergency department. I found Nicola to be professional, knowledgeable, caring and supportive. A highly valuable asset to our region.
Emma W.

Services and fees

Antenatal Consultation

Pregnant woman

60 mins

Perfect for families wanting to prepare for their breastfeeding journey. Antenatal appointments can be especially beneficial for those who have struggled with breastfeeding in the past. We can discuss your concerns and make a breastfeeding plan before your little one arrives.

Postnatal Consutation

New born baby

60 mins

This initial consultation will cover a thorough history of you and baby, highlighting any of your concerns and allowing questions to be answered. We will then formulate a personalised plan suited specifically to you and your baby's needs.

Postnatal Consultation
follow up

Baby symbol

30-45 mins

This appointment is for women who have had an initial postnatal consultation. During this appointment we will review your current plan and any questions or concerns you may have. Adjustments can be made as needed.

Ask me anything


20-30 mins

Do you have a breastfeeding question or concern that you need answered? From starting solids to weaning and everything in between. Instead of getting lost in the world of Google, let me help you. This quick 20-30 minute catch-up isn’t for complex needs and does not include a lactation plan or assessment.

Appointments offered either in the comfort of your own home or via Skype.

Travel fees charged at $1 per km travelled.

Services include:

New mothers requiring support

Latching difficulties



Weight loss or failure to thrive

Low supply



Suspected allergies or intolerances

Mixed feeding or supplemental feeding

Tongue and or lip ties

Blocked ducts or milk blebs


Breast or nipple pain

Breast aversion or refusal 

Vasospasm of the nipple

Returning to work


Private health rebates
may apply

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